CARite Louisville

412 S. Church Ave, Louisville, MS, 39339


★★★★★ ★★★★★
One very satisfied CARite customer here! I got my Asher (that's the name of my new road buddy ) 2015 Chevy Equinox here. Like most of us, I had a very challenging situation. But, Tyler, tirelessly (sounds like a tongue twister ) worked with me until I took home my new road buddy, Asher! Customer service? GREAT! I love everyone at Carite, they're very friendly, and accommodating. It's no surprise to run on some issues and questions with the vehicle for the first few weeks, but they assured me that I have nothing to worry about. They took care of everything! We are loving and enjoying our SUV for 3 months now. So, if you are shopping for your next vehicle, I highly recommend this place! I assure you, you will not only get the vehicle you need, but you will also gain new friends. Thank you so much Tyler, Greg, Becky, Victoria, and the hardworking guy in the back (I'm sorry I forgot his name)! You are all the BEST! - JMD

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