CARite Windsor Locks

333 Ella Grasso Turnpike, Windsor Locks, CT, 06096


★★★★★ ★★★★★
I've read many positive reviews about CaRite and feel that none of them truly expresses what a great experience a buyer can have. I live in Massachusetts and the owner, general manager, and staff members were all willing to work with me over the phone, present me with cars over email and actively search for the specific car that I wanted.  I could have easily had the same car much closer to home (the dealership is 150 miles from my town) but John/Dave/Stephanie's willingness, CaRites amazing pricing on both cars they are selling and trade ins, their ability to get me exactly what I wanted,and the ease and efficiency in trading in my car and walking out with the new one (2 hours beginning to end) made the decision very easy.  This is the first time I've left a dealership feeling good (I usually feel like I got taken advantage of),and should be a model for all other dealerships. CaRite has made a repeat customer out of me.

Source: Yelp

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