CARite Fort Pierce

3410 S. US Highway 1, Fort Pierce, FL, 34982


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I've deleted my previous review. Despite the wonderful process... there are a few things that I am very unhappy about. I'll keep it short tho.. I've owned my truck for almost a month now. And have invested about $7,000.00 in repairs and maintenance.. turbo VGT went out 2,000 miles after purchase, also hydrobooster for the brakes went after an emergency stop the other day. "Their lovingly refurbished" policy is a crock of poo, too. Fuel filters are to be changed with the oil on heavy duty trucks, guys.. and "refurbished," to me means all maintenance is complete.. not needing $700 worth of fluids and filters. My father and many of my friends own these types of trucks with no issues beyond 2 and even 300k miles. This truck is beat. Makes me wonder what their other vehicles on the lot are like. I'd like to note that they did offer to diagnose my CEL if I were to drive it back to their lot.. I think I'll pass on the day trip and use the money I saved to hire a local mechanic. Not to mention I didn't even have a chance to get it down there before catastrophic failure of the Turbo. If it weren't for the process and what a great job Drew did for me, this review would be 1 star.

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