CARite Madison Heights

101 W. Fourteen Mile Road, Madison Heights, MI, 48071


★★★★★ ★★★★★
I had a car with brite financial (2010 Toyota Corolla). I was in the 48 month lease. Approaching the end of the lease brite contacted me saying I can return the car back at the end of the lease or opt to buy. I chose to return the car to the Madison heights location on 4/15/19. I signed off on the car saying I don’t owe ANYTHING because I returned it. I made on time payments on the car for 4 years straight. They said they automatically take out unnecessary $450 for cleaning the car and getting it ready for the next customer. And they’ll send me back my deposit after. On May 12, 2019 I get an alert from my credit score saying my score has dropped 60 points due to BRITE. How.? I returned the car at the end of my lease, signed off on it. Called brite and they tell me I have to wait on the auction. That has nothing to do with me. It’s on my credit report saying I owe $4800. I didn’t opt to buy the car out, I returned it. I’m furious. Brite financial gave me the run away, not trying to answer my question about the car being on my report saying I owe on it. I will be contacting my lawyer how what i should do next because this is unfair. I want this matter resolved because no one should have to go through this for a car they don’t even have. It’s not like it was in repossession, no I paid my lease off and returned it

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