Storage King Botany North

410 Te Irirangi Drive, Auckland, 02013


★★★★★ ★★★★★
This is the 2nd time I have emailed high praises for Storage King Botany North & Botany South in Auckland and it is all on my own initiative I should add. From back in approximately 2005 both my brother and I had 2 x households of furniture & massive plants in Pots to store for an extensive period. I had called numerous other storage companies and Storage King Botany North was the one I selected. I first had the pleasure of speaking with Sengkee (who has since passed on) who was not only a lovely gentleman but offered me a good price & confirmed by Peter, the Manager. It was soon after that I was dealing with the sweet young girl, Sonia and the lovely Peter Limpus. I then went on to have dealings with the vibrant Kim who also came to quote a moving job at my brothers very large home and then in more recent times I have also dealt with Mark who I found to also be very nice & accommodating. Most of the time, I have dealt with Peter but the service the entire team has provided me has been nothing less than excellent on all levels. They provided my brother & I with good prices & a professional service. They were very efficient & their paper work/invoices were always accurate. More importantly each & every member of this team have always been most communicative, extremely warm, friendly & personable. They have provided the ultimate service in every way possible and would be sure to win over business in the face of Storage King. Everyone of them are such lovely, nice and genuine people in their own right and the kind of individuals you would want as your friends. Whilst they are not a family I always felt as if I was dealing with a happy, caring family who also made me feel like I was part of that family unit. Each member of the team have all been extremely lovely & very personable over the phone as well. One cannot help but feel the great energy & warmth they exude whilst they still work within the perimeters of professionalism. They are not in the slightest bit pushy or forceful about any one of them. They always gave me the impression they were out to help and carry out their job wholeheartedly. They are always most willing, co-operative, helpful, patient, communicative, personable & honest. Never have I experienced a company where each & every team member is so very nice to say the least. Everything they do within the business is done well, with passion and I would give them a "5" Star Rating (Excellent). There has never been a time when they haven't greeted me with a very warm welcome. If the need arose I would only use this Storage Company. I have recommended others to them from the time I first started dealing with Storage King (Botany North & Botany South). I have been nothing less than impressed by their procedures & very personable customer services. They certainly do have a point of difference. They are all fine ambassadors for Storage King but in particular the all important Peter. It is no cliche' when I say that man is brilliant & exceptionally lovely, real & warm when dealing with people. With him at the fore-front of Storage King providing an all-round 1st Class service one could not help but get a great impression of Storage King. I was in Tourism & front-line in Hawaii where customer service is the 'best of the best' and being passionate about customer services myself, I do find customer service in NZ leaves a lot to be desire, so for me to provide this high level of praise, says a a lot. Staff are usually a reflection of their managers (being Peter in this case). It has always been such a pleasure dealing with this very genuine and warm family-like business. I don't have to tell any of you 'Keep up the great work' as you appear to do it with love & care. No higher praise than that! With the attitude & work ethic you all have, you don't need luck. God bless all of you!

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