Palm Harbor Village

15996 IH-35 North, Round Rock, Texas, 78728


★★★★★ ★★★★★
I rarely make comment on my purchase, but here I am writing something to express my gratitude to the team at Palm Harbor Homes in Round Rock. They are awesome to help my family purchase our dream home. This is our first home and we decided to buy mobile home due to the quality of home from Palm Harbor. The current mobile home we inherited from my mother. The home is over 30 years old and manufactured from Palm Harbor. To their surprise, even though over 30 years we are still in love with it. But sadly we have to let it go for the upgrade to the new home. That shows how good Palm Harbor home is. Buying a mobile home is the process that we still new with - lot of information. But Kim Knox the sale rep has helped us all that she can to finish the purchase and got our dream home for our family. Kim and her team, Mr. H.M. the manager and Mrs. Tammy the financial manager went above and beyond to make our dream come true. Thank you, you guys. We are really appreciate the experiences and your efforts in order to put everything together. The home is beautiful and we are so in love with it. My son loving running around and my relatives give me a WOW! when they come and visit us. They are surprised to see how beautiful the home is and how well it was built. To be honest, it is better to buy a mobile home that a house. Again thank you you all. I woud 100% recommend to my friends and my family to Kim and her team if I can. From the very satisfied customer.

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