Storage King Woodville North

596 Torrens Rd, Woodville North, SA, 05012


I had a terrible experience the last time I attended Storage King Torrens Road to use the Parcel Point facilities. The clerk was so rude. He didn't accept my parcel, but waved to the corner and told me to put it in the cage. I didn't see one so I was confused. Rather than politely tell me it was behind the door in the private staff area, he stomped over, acting like I was the stupidest person in the world for not understanding him, and opened the door to reveal the cage basket. He was so extremely impolite, hard to describe here, but it was as if I was muck on his shoe for making him get out of his chair. It's literally his job to take my parcels and provide service. He couldn't even bother to communicate clearly, with a minimum of courtesy. Previously I have had great experiences here with other staff members, but won't be back and have passed my experience on to Parcel Point customer service. If he continues to be this rude and discourteous, I am sure others will do the same. I would otherwise have given a good review as the other staff are great - especially the youngest man who works there, he is great. But this clerk's behavior was unacceptable.

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