Storage King Woolloomooloo

11-25 Palmer Street, Woolloomooloo, NSW, 02011


★★★★★ ★★★★★
There are some people that you meet at the worst time of your life, that appear to be sent by your God or your good Karma to be the one safety net that catches you when you've fallen from a great height...And those humanitarians that are disguised as regular people, help you bounce back because they care and they do the "right thing" by you. In this regard, 2 of my safety nets have been: Daniel Jimenez Cardona (Manager) & Oli Woods (Assistant Manager) at Storage King WOOLLOOMOOLOO Sydney There's not enough ways to say "thank you" for all that you wonderful guys did for me. You're experts at what you do...You're both magnificent humans and genuinely engaged & caring when you deal with your customers. Thanks so much Guys for being my safety net, my counsellors, my accountants-advising me pragmatically on how to save money on my storage needs & costs...and for all the tissues! I'm also experiencing the same level of professionalism from ROWAN at my next Storage King site in Rutherford...thanks for referring me to him. SK constantly trains their it's not surprising that they're all great people... It's just that some are Daniel & Oli. With dry eyes and a secure feeling I thank you warmly for assisting me...Over & above your job description. Lots of gratitude Helen Burrage & Ernie ??‍♀️??

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