CARite Cocoa


★★★ ★★★★★
The dealer did price the car as advertised, however they insisted on charging an $899.00 "DOC" fee (dealer fee) that pushed me well northward of where I wanted to be on this car. The vehicle was not in any way prepped with the exception of a quick cleaning and a heavy/greasy detailing liquid used to shine the interior (which should have a matte finish). I informed a sales rep (Dustin) that I would be driving to Cocoa for a test drive and to prepare the vehicle for delivery, no preparation for delivery was done. Bottom line, I paid more than I wanted to for this car, but was happy with the vehicle. Not very happy with the dealer due to the lack of preparation of the vehicle and the almost $2000.00 difference in the out the door cost of the vehicle at the start of negotiations. John was a very pleasant sales person to deal with, and David, the finance manager, was polite, but I think that the fees they are charging would lead me to not use any CARite in the future.

Source: Cargurus

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