CARite Monroe

15354 S. Dixie Highway, Monroe, MI, 48161


★★★★★ ★★★★★
5 stars are not enough. Marisa and Ellie are the best sales people I have ever dealt with - not just with cars, but any type of sales.I am writing this review because it is easy today for people to complain when things do not go their way. In fact there is a term for the complaining culture that we have come to accept as normal in our lives. However, I do not think people take the proper time to acknowledge when service exceeds our expectations. In todays world every sales experience has become more and more hands off. Self scanners at the grocery store, order online for delivery, and you can even order a car sight unseen and have it delivered. While my wife and I are only in our early 40's some purchases need a hands on approach. Unless you are buying an 83 Caprice or some other beater a car is a significant purchase.My wife and I recently started looking for a car for her. We had gone to a few manufacturer sales locations and we got the standard sales people - trying to push what they had, not asking us questions about what we wanted, and most concerned with making a sale to get a commission. While driving home after finishing our shopping for the day we stopped at CarRite in Monroe (Which is close to our house) to see what they had.We were greeted by Marisa - she was not pushy - instead asked us what we needed. We told her what models we had looked at and what we liked. She mentioned they had a model that met that, but asked us what we wanted - features, colors, etc. Nothing to do with Ford, Chevy, Lexus, Lincoln, etc. What did we want. We laid out what mattered and she said she had a model that we had looked at elsewhere, but made another suggestion. The suggestion she mentioned (A Cadillac XT-5) was not a model we ever thought about, and surprisingly had the features we wanted at a better value than what we had looked at else where.She said unfortunately the vehicle onsite was unavailable, but there were many similar vehicles that they could get if we liked. She offered us a test drive and after the test drive we were happy with the car. Here is where Marisa and the Store sales manager - Ellie - really stepped up. Even though we were looking for a used car we did not want to settle. We wanted certain items that were specific - not major, but specific. Rather than tell us - hey you are shopping used - you get what you get - they asked what was most important and went to work calling other stores asking for specific questions. Again these were small items - the 2018 Cadillac XT-5 has a couple of different interiors and even though we were not buying new we wanted one that had a specific dash piece. Super small detail - but a detail that due to location would bother us. Ellie called and found us what we wanted. They next day we met again to have the car brought down and while this was occurring I called another dealer to see if we could get something at a better value. While sitting in the office - while I am sure they were not happy I was price shopping at their location they treated me with respect and encouraged me to do what was best for us.When all was said and done we bought the car from Carite, and hands down it is the best car buying experience I have ever had. We were not given a bunch of BS sales pitches, our actual wants and needs were listened to and we were given options that we chose from. I never once felt anything was pushed on us and will definitely be headed back the next time a car is needed in my family.

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