CARite Garden City

27777 Ford Road, Garden City, MI, 48135


★★★★★ ★★★★★
So there's a car salesman named Mike there, and let me tell you, THAT MAN WORKED MAGIC FOR ME, I swear I applied to roughly 10 places ranging from Michigan to Ohio, and went through hell getting approved, I was told on a few occasions over the phone that I was approved and "all I needed to do was get to the dealership and I'd be driving home" just to Lyft myself up there to be told I'm NOT in fact approved, it was a disaster in that couple months of looking for a car, I have some pretty unique circumstances, and MIKE and Carrite, were able to get me approved, in a car, and driving home, he even sent a porter to pick me up the day I was to buy it, ALSO when I bought my original car (Chevy Trax) it had problems that made it have to be returned and I ended up getting a Nissan Centra, but that whole return and buy a NEW car process went FLAWLESS, these guys here are great, there lenders are fare and will work with you, and I highly recommend ANYONE looking to buy a car to check out Carrite Garden City, ALSO Mike and the manager there I have to give my sincerest apologies to the both of you for being completely beside myself at times having just went through a house fire and all kinds of other stuff, ultimately causing me to be very rude and disrespectful at times, so again my apologies, you guys handled my madness well too!! ??

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