CARite Memphis

2093 Covington Pike , Memphis, TN, 38128


★★★★★ ★★★★★
This customer purchased this car in December 2021. We have done one repair to this car for free as customer satisfaction even though he was outside of any warranty period to help him out. On this morning he had this car towed here when we opened without any notice. When my mechanic called him to see why the car was here he said lights came on and it wouldn't start. He asked if we could look at it. My mechanic checked the car out and had an extra battery here and put the battery in the car. The only reason the car had any issue because the battery died. My mechanic called him and said it was ready and asked for $40 to cover the cost for his battery he provided and installed it for free. When he showed up he came in and acted like he was here just to pick it up. When I told him he needed to pay the $40 dollars he wanted to say he didn't know nor did he authorize it. After he argued with me for a second he said he was going to run to the atm and come back so I let him leave. I guess he thought if he complained that would get him out of paying for it. When I called him he wanted to have a attitude about it and said he didn't want to talk to me. I shared with him I was referenced to call him by my compliance department. He said well I just want to talk to someone over you. I told him we fixed the car because he had it towed here and we were trying to help him out. He continued with why did we do an unauthorized repair to his car. I then invited him to bring the battery back and we would remove the unauthorized repair and he could get his own battery. He then wanted to get more of an attitude. I told him his complaint was the unauthorized repair so I would remove the repair for him. He kept trying to figure a way around it and not pay for it. He then refenced he was going to do something to me. I finally had enough so I told him not to worry about the $40 but not to bring his car back up here or return back to the store. In short this kid has been nothing but a problem since he bought this car. We have looked at it a couple of times without charging him anything and have fixed the car once free of charge.  Every time he has an attitude never says thank you and persists to try to tell me what I'm going to do for him and how I'm going to do it. After threating store personal we will no longer be assisting this customer with any other issues. He needs to take it to a repair facility of his choice and he is not welcome back at the store.

Source: Yelp

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