CARite Garden City

27777 Ford Road, Garden City, MI, 48135


★★★★★ ★★★★★
Sharing for Nick Kottalis! (Garden City) I called them this morning before they opened the doors. They answered the phone. First time that's ever happened to me. Then I was out there looking at the vehicles no one came out pushing me, no one came out telling me what to buy, they waited till I was all done and I walked into the showroom. When I got into the showroom a gentleman asked me can I help you, very politely, I said yeah. I told him the vehicles that I wanted or was interested in he immediately got the keys and asked me would you like to take them for a test drive? I said sure all three of them drove great I bought one. Not only was I very happy with the honesty and the service but he was also a fine gentleman.

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