CARite Memphis

2093 Covington Pike , Memphis, TN, 38128


★★★★★ ★★★★★
My experience at CARite was a little different than the normal car buying experience, but it was actually amazing. As I entered the dealership I was informed that there was no salespeople on premises, they all got an early start to their Friday I guess. I was extremely interested in a car on the lot and asked if there’s any way I can go about purchasing the car. Amanda, the office manager of the location, informed me she is not a salesperson, but would try her best to walk me through the buying process. With the help of the Service Manager, Lionel, Amanda made sure I was able to walk out the door that day, with not only a new car, but an extended service warranty and GAP insurance! Amanda and Lionel genuinely made my buying experience comfortable. I didn’t feel pressured into purchasing anything extra and nothing was sketchy or shady. Amanda and Lionel were very honest and transparent about everything and they aren’t even salespeople! I would recommend this place to anyone looking to purchase a new car, just ask for Amanda or Lionel!

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