Lee Auto Mall Westbrook

200 Main Street, ME, 04092


★★ ★★★★★
My appointment was with Mike who then didn’t have time to see us. Passed us to Andrew who was nice but are the computers on the desk for show. He had to work off his cell phone. Not real professional to not be able to use the computer. Then the financing info came back. No name of the finance company, no exact payment just a low to high payment range. Car was priced at the high end but was not able to look at any of these cars or have any option since they said my very loose payment range was based on this one car. Mike came out to talk to us as we were leaving but immediately referred to my husband even though I was the one who scheduled the appointment. I ended up leaving, trading my van for a white 2019 Hyundai Tuscan just like they were trying to get me to purchase. 11,000 miles less and $3,000 less.

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