Metro Detroit Phone Repair of Chesterfield



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I went into Sprint because I had busted my screen and my phone would not turn on. The first time in 11 years so I dropped my insurance 4 months ago. Always works that way! Out of five lines my phone was the only one eligible for an upgrade. The issue, it's a lease. I would've had to pay the balance of the lease off, damages and the lovely "misc" charges Sprint loves to add had it not been for the guys in the store sending me here to see if there was a chance they could fix my screen and possibly get my phone working again. While trying to figure out how to pay around $760, John replaced my screen and got my phone working perfectly in 20 minutes. He also told me if the screen didn't fix it, he would take it off and charge me nothing. I couldn't believe the generosity of this guy. He was so nice and had this big smile on which when you're stressing over money, is absolutely helpful. He also put a screen protector on for me and gave me a discount on an Otter case. I walked out with my phone like New and paid a total of $140 with everything! I still feel like the cops are gonna come get me, surely I robbed them because I've never gotten such incredible support, compassion, a deal and in 20 minutes. THIS is my #1, and only, recommendation for anyone who needs their phone fixed. I can't thank him enough!!

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