OES: Aloha

18345 SW Alexander St, Suite A, Aloha, OR, 97006


★★★★★ ★★★★★
This year I became a new patient for cataract removal and lens replacement surgery, a process that was managed flawlessly by Oregon Eye Specialists. At all times, I felt confident because I was under the care of experienced professionals, from the office and administrative staff through the surgery center staff, nurses, and doctors. When I arrived for an appointment I was always greeted promptly, interviewed carefully to learn about my needs and concerns, and where choices were possible I was given the information I needed to make good decisions. Communication and responsiveness were simply excellent throughout. The surgeries (there are two, one for each eye) were handled very smoothly, again inspiring confidence and trust. When I arrived at the surgery center and was greeted at the reception desk, my file was readily at hand. Preparation for surgery was smooth, with care given to make sure that any questions or concerns I had were answered. The preparation nurse, anesthesiologist, operating room nurse, and surgeon all came to see me, review their part of the procedure, and answer any questions that I may have had. The surgeries were performed without any discomfort on my part. It took only about two hours from the time I arrived until I was released each time, which still surprises me. At all times, I felt that I was under the care of people who really knew what they were doing, which gave me continued confidence. After the surgery and follow-up appointment with the surgeon, I received a follow-up phone call from the surgery center to see if I had any problems, questions, or concerns, again demonstrating a high level of care for the patient. My results have been excellent, the improvement to my vision still surprises me at times. I could continue to describe the results, but space is limited. I’m happy to be a patient of Oregon Eye Specialists, and I heartily recommend them.

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