OES: Portland Providence

5050 NE Hoyt St, Suite 445, Portland, OR, 97213


★★★★★ ★★★★★
Not so far. The exam began with my mentioning some questions. All were answered, including the one I had forgotten, but he remembered. I was asked if I had any other questions. My distance correction from my December exam with Dr. Richards was excellent, Dr. Brown tweaked it a smidge better, and fine tuned the reading "ADD" to my exact taste. Ditto for my computer and front sight correction. I do not do well with subjective issues and have trouble with eye exams in my responses. Dr. Richards and her technician did a great job in December, But Dr. Brown has a real knack for getting good answers and the patience to recheck to the point where I can select the best correction. I am confident I will be able to see as clearly as possible with his prescription. Dr Richards got me to 20/15 corrected on my drivers license exam. Of course I was at that uncorrected on my first license exam, but that was 60 years ago. Between Dr. Brown and Romey I expect to get my eyestrain under control.

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