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18511 Outlet Blvd, Chesterfield, MO, 63005


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Let me start by saying, my next phone will be either an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy. Not because of any other reason that none of local cell phone repair shops stock the parts needed to fix Motorola, LG, etc. In fact, a couple other repair shops turned me away. That said, I took my Motorola G4 phone in for an LCD screen replacement. Alex was great, he ordered my screen with a down payment of $75 (which included and extra $30 for overnight shipping that I opted for. I could have done regular shipping and the deposit would have been $45). Initially the wrong part came in. He called and let me know that and was still able to get the phone fixed on the agreed upon date. Upon picking up the phone everything seemed satisfactory but I later learned that my headphone jack wasn't working. This wouldn't have been a big deal because I use bluetooth for headphones, however, I use the headphone jack when using my phone in my work vehicle (which doesn't have bluetooth) for internet radio. That said, I took the phone back in and again, part had to be ordered. I brought the phone back in when Alex left me a message that the part had arrived and Hannah repaired the headphone jack with apologies for any inconvenience, at no extra charge of course. I gave 4 stars and not 5 because the transaction wasn't completely seemless but the effort and service provided by Alex and Hannah was satisfactory and I will be a repeat customer. I would recommend CPR of Chesterfield if you have a cell phone needing repair. Just keep in mind that if you don't have the most current/popular model/brand of phone, the process may take a little longer.

Source: Yelp

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