OES: Lake Oswego

9 Monroe Parkway, Suite 160, Lake Oswego, OR, 97035


★★★★★ ★★★★★
I am recently from Albany NY. My NY eye doctor was likely a very good doctor in the medical sense, but she was completely inept when it came to communicating with her patients. When she first told me that I had Macular Degeneration in both eyes she told me to take AREDS2 but answered no questions. She recommended I look it up on the internet. Not sure about you but googling health issues is usually more alarming than helpful. All following visits I listed my vision problems and worried that I could no longer read printed books. I explained that reading is the single most important thing to me. All she said was that the MD was no worse and I shouldn't be having the symptoms. My last visit was a month before moving to Oregon. I explained to everyone I spoke to that it was my last visit and I wanted it to be especially thorough as I was unsure when I would next get to a doctor. After the doctor did her exam I again complained of vision problems. She again looked at my eyes and said the symptoms were not MD but cataracts and I should schedule surgery within 6 months. I reiterated that I was moving and she gave me sample eye drops and said, well try these. That was it. And then I moved to Oregon. The first time I saw Dr. Ng she immediately put all of my fears to rest. She said we indeed can address most of my vision problems with cataract surgery. She explained everything and she answered every question I had. She not only told me of the possible complications but she explained what she could do to mitigate any problems. I can’t wait for surgery. Many thanks to Dr. Ng and everyone I dealt with during my visit.

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