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    Reviewed on April 3, 2024 04/03/24
    Aminata D

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    Reviewed on March 27, 2024 03/27/24
    GalaxCKidd T

    I will be contacting a lawyer to get the lemon law process started. Bought a car through lee had it for 2 months and the motor blew up and seized. Under warranty it was covered. I had to pay out of pocket to get it towed but at least it will be fixed. More pissed at lee at this point but then was told it would be 2 months before lee could look at it, waiting the 2 months, mind you I've now paid over $4k in rentals out of pocket because they don't do rentals or loaners. Finally after absolutely no contact from anyone at lee on any updates I drove up there to get answers only to find my car sitting at Bill Dodge Kia. They informed me that lee sent the car to the to rebuild the engine, few weeks pass never heard from BDK Finally a gentleman named Tom was super helpful and there explained everything that wrong with my car and that my car could be picked up in a day or 2. What a relief I thought. Called BDK cars ready so I went and picked up the car. First thing I noticed was my cars skid plates were not reinstalled they were in fact sitting in my truck. While I was driving home I noticed that my engine was abnormally loud and seem to struggle going through the gears. I was almost home when I noticed a bunch of smoke out back of my car, temp gauge instantly all the way red so pulled over popped the hood and noticed coolant everywhere. It was leaking from the hose that runs into the heating core. Was then told by BDK that I would have to pay $245 for a tow. Found my own tow for $145 and now it's back at Bill Dodge Kia and the wait continues. Will never and would never buy from Lee Auto again. Their is absolutely no communication everyone there just passes the buck to another employee that never calls back. I honestly don't know how this place is in business. 0 Stars.

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    • Responded on March 28, 2024 03/28/24
      Lee Auto Malls Management

      Good day, Thank you for bringing the issues with the vehicle to our attention. We were not aware of the problems with the repair facility that currently has possession of your vehicle. We also want to thank you for taking the time to talk with our sales manager so we may help move things along and attempt to, hopefully, obtain some reimbursement for the out-of-pocket expenses you have incurred.

    Reviewed on March 13, 2024 03/13/24
    Scott S

    Worse company ever. Your company never even tried to find us a car in our budget. You are just another price gouging place trying to screw people like us thinking the only car you could help us with was a 2023 and a reficulous payment of $823 monthly payment you people are crazy and I hope no one goes to you people snd I cannot wait til the market crashes and dealerships get screwed over like this one

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    Reviewed on February 7, 2024 02/07/24
    william M

    I loved their assistance

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    • Responded on February 8, 2024 02/08/24
      Lee Auto Malls Management

      Hello william, thanks for the positive feedback! We're always happy to hear good things from our customers.

    Reviewed on January 12, 2024 01/12/24

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    • Responded on January 13, 2024 01/13/24
      Lee Auto Malls Management

      Hello Taceace, thank you for your business. If there's anything we can do to help, please let us know.